Death of a Samurai

Death of a Samurai is a first person samurai experience currently being developed for release across mobile devices.

Built utilising the unity3d game engine, Death of a Samurai offers an immersive, fast paced action experience placing players into the shoes of a samurai running head first into battle.


Launch dates:

Google Play: Live - Download it Now

Apple App Store:  2016

Fight for survival in the new action packed Samurai experience Death of a Samurai. Strike, block, dodge, shoot – kill! This is what is required to survive the ancient samurai battle field. Develop into the ultimate samurai as you upgrade you’re armor, weapons and perks and prove just how long you would survive in a samurai battle. 



Develop you’re Samurai skills and unlock new weapons, Armor and perks that will give you the edge to survive in battle. Customise you’re sword blades and hilts to create the perfect balance between speed and power. Ride horses into battle or run head long with fellow Samurai. Upgrade you’re bow to shoot enemies from afar – All these options and more are waiting for you in Death of a Samurai!



Fight through multiple rich battle scenes featuring unique dynamic environments and changing battle factors that will put your skills to the test. Would you survive during a snow storm as an entire army is running towards you? Answer these questions and more in Death of a Samurai. 



Choose the type of battle you would like to fight in. Ranging from all in battle scenes with multiple enemies and friendly samurai fighting along side you, or battle 1 v 1 in traditional duels – the choice is yours!