Battle Scene's

The three environments in Death of a Samurai have been completed, this finalises the battle scenes that the players will fight across.

Overall I'm really excited to show off just how good these battle scenes look. Each one has its own style along with its own dynamic elements.

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Character Customisation

Welcome to the next update in Death of a Samurai. In this video update you'll get to see the character customisation system in action. While it is still under development the plan is to enable players to:

  • Unlock primary weapons such as different katanas
  • Unlock secondary weapons including the Yari and Bows
  • Unlock and upgrade the samurais helmet and armour.

Kick starting 2015!

2015 has kicked off with a bang! The progress on Death of a Samurai has already been fantastic. Check out the video below to see for yourself just how good the game is looking.

Updates include:

- new main menu system

- new region system for finding and selecting your battle

- new gameplay UI

Coming up soon:

- character customisations system

- region updates


Video Demo of Death of a Samurai Progress


Step back, assess, pivot and push forward

Stepping back, assessing, pivoting and pushing forward is a common situation that I'm often faced with during my project management work. Performing that same action on a passionate game development project is always a much harder ask!

Since the last blog post the Death of a Samurai project finished off its first proper build. The game itself, while small was functional and overall pretty good. Yet it wasn't exactly what I wanted and just didn't satisfy exactly what I was aiming to create. 

Decision time. After a few sleepless nights and long showers [thats where my brain works best] I decided to re-build, from scratch with a new developer/artist. 

Fast forward a month or so and the game is looking great. Overall, it is miles ahead and has a huge amount of potential to push even further. The overall feel is amazing, the graphic quality, animations and movements as well as new features such as drawing your katana, a special 360 spin attack and various extra animations and movements really took this project to the next level. 

I'll have a little demo video prepared shortly, however in the mean time I hope that the images on this post get your blood pumping. 

Stay tuned.



Death of a Samurai First Build 

The first build of Death of a Samurai has been completed for android and I have to say I can't help but be excited!

Overall the game is progressing great. Here is a list of what is currently in the game:

  • Endless, randmoly generating environment with fog
  • Tilting effects when moving left and right
  • Left and Right katana swings to attack based on swiping the device
  • Blood and slow motion effects
  • Sprinting and attack combos to take on multiple enemies
  • Taking damage camera shake and on screen blood effects
  • Social sharing

Overall the game is really challenging! Which is perfect as the intended purpose of the game is to simulate, in a fun way, what it would be like to be on the battlefield and how long you would survive. 

I've kicked off development on the next set of features that include a bunch of advancements including:

  • More attacks
  • More enemy types
  • Advanced slow motion effects
  • Battle cry / Rage modes
  • Background / environment enhancements. 

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The Death of a Samurai Project - Current State

Before launching into a series of development diary posts about my current project "Death of a Samurai" I wanted to first give you a sense of exactly where the game is up to. I'll start off by outlining exactly what I am trying to create and the first set of features that will go into what I've titled R1 (Release 1). This is more of a proof of concept to be able to ask a few key questions of the concept:

-Is it fun?

-Does it look goood?

-Would you play it? (when I demonstrate the game to friends and others)

-Would you pay for it?

Then I ask myself, is this worth pursing and place more time, effort and money into developing?


For this project I recognise that I defnintely need to stay grounded and continue to ask basic questions such as those above. I'm super passionate about this project and I would say that even if all of the above answers were 'NO' I would probably still continue to develop the game. Weakness? Flaw? or just a burning desire to make an awesome first person samurai game. Time will tell.

Now on to where the game is currently at. As I introduced in my previous post "Death of a Samurai: The game I always wanted to make" I've set out to put the player in the shoes of a samurai running into battle. I beleive the key here is to create a beleiveable simulation of what it would be like to run into battle as a samurai while still keeping the game in the classic arcade genre as well as adding elements of dramatisation to keep it visually intense. 


What you can currently do in the game:

At the time that I am writing this post there are still about 10 items to work through before R1 / the proof of concept is finished. The player can currently run or sprint towards an oncoming, randomly generating army of enemy samurai. The player can use two different types of slash based strikes depending on the direction they swipe across the device. Tilting the device or touching the sides of the screen will move the player left or right. Taking a hit from an enemy will see blood splatter your screen and the camera shaking to make it really feel like you have been cut down and are limping along to continue the fight. On the third strike its game over.

Some really cool elements that stand out in the game is the simple different of a running samurai and a walking samurai. As you stare down the field of enemies the samurai that is walking at me, sizing me up, tends to catch my eye more than the various enemies rushing at me to cut me down. A well timed strike will cut down the rush enemies while the walking samurai just feels more confident and I always prepare my strike hoping that the slow motion effects will kick in on that kill.  

Whats planned in the next set of updates:

-More attacks! The next update will really focus on adding in more attack styles and animations that are controlled by the type of swipe the player performs on the mobile device. One of the things I'm really excited about introducing is the ability to throw your sword at an enemy, then either picking it back up or being forced to disarm another samurai for their sword.

-Power ups and special boosts. This is where the balance between realism and arcade fun tread a fine line.  The powerups I'm initially look at include boosts such as head starts into battle, longer sprinting, armour boosts so that you can take an extra hit, friendly samurais to help you out in battle and even a revivial element.

-Multiple types of enemies. I'm looking to create multiple enemy types on the field of battle. This at a minimum will be three different enemies and I'm considering a larger, boss style of samurai that stalks the battlefield.

-More feeling to the gameplay. I'll be spending alot of time focusing on the different camera movements, shakes,bumps and sways that will aim to make it feel like you really are on that battlefield.

My mind is still spinning at all the possibilities and features that I could build into this game. Here are a few of the key features that are on the development roadmap, along with many others.

-More environments. It would be great to have different battles to take part in over different regions with completely different environments. This is definitely on the cards and I'm planning how this will work now. 

-Mounted enemies. The idea of staring down samurais on horse back is enough to make any soldier nervous. I think it would be pretty awesome in the game. 

-Archers. A gameplay system where archers can shoot at you and you can either duck, try to block the arror or take the hit. Thinking through how this one will work.

-Multiplayer. This has to be done and it has to be done right. I cant wait to be able to join friends on the battle field and charge into the fight together. 

That summaries the current state and direction for 'Death of a Samurai'. I hope your as excited as I am. If you want to keep up to date don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on facebook, twitter and instragram. 






Death of a Samurai - The game I always wanted to make.

The story of 'Death of a Samurai' goes back a few years now, back to when I first wanted to start making games. I've always been a huge fan of Japanese films, especially the old classic samurai movies where the emphasis came down to those final moments in an intense duel. 

Originally I was sketching ideas for a side scrolling platform game of sorts that would showcase the usual samurai moves and just be generally awesome. 

Fast forward two years of being side tracked with different app strategies, other games, business models, partnerships etc (you get the picture) I have finally returned to my original idea. Re-creating that final moment as a Samurai on a battle field. 

The concept has progressed into a first person game that throws you into the shoes of a samurai running head long into battle. Multiple enemy samurais are emerging from the mist to attack and its up to you to decide whether or not you'll attack, block or dodge each advance! 

The game is still in early development and I wanted to kick this post of with a quick into into how I got here and what the game looks like at this moment. I'll write a much more detailed post on the whole concept and vision for 'Death of a Samurai' in the coming weeks. I hope your all as excited as I am to see this game come to life! 

In the end, will you bring honour or shame to your clan?


Police Escape Launched on iOS

Police Escape has recently launched globally on iOS. I am extremely excited to publish this news and push out the fact that this is our first Unity3d game!


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Coming Soon: Police Escape Reloaded!

Since the launch of the first police escape title back into 2012 I have been continually thinking of building a sequel to the title that would take it to the next level whilst still remaining true to the style of gameplay that made it so popular in the first place.

For those that didn't play the original Police Escape, over 1.8 million downloads and number 1 for free iOS racing in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Russian and many more we definitely considered Police Escape a success!


Fast forwarding to 2014 I am happy to announce that the sequel will shortly be arriving. Built purely on the Unity3D platform Police Escape Reloaded promises to offer the same fast paced addictive gameplay that so many people came to love, yet we are now presenting it in full 3D graphics with a dynamic environment.


The first release of Police Escape Reloaded will provide the core foundation for a strong product line with many future enhancements and udpates planned for the comming months.


- Full 3D graphics
- NOS Boosts!
- Smooth Car Physics
- Detailed City Highway Environment
- Intense Endless Racing
- Race at different times of the day with the Dynamic Sky and Lighting!
- Game Center Leaderboards

- Tilt to steer
- Collect NOS and Touch to Trigger NOS
- Dodge the traffic for as long as you can